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DMA to the Russian market via Finam

JSC Finam is a key player in the Russian DMA access market. Firm positions in ratings1, strong technology potential, a wide range of DMA services, quality service of DMA vendors have led to the fact that more than half of domestic HFT traders and algorithmic customers are now serviced via JSC Finam.

DMA access through JSC Finam means


Reliability is provided by storing trial accounts and keeping records of positions held on Segregated Trading Clearing Accounts at CJSC National Settlement Depositary (SA). Trades executed on these accounts are reliably protected against misuse and bankruptcy of a broker (for more details, click here http://moex.com/s587).


We offer and execute expeditiously any individual technology solutions for profitable and trouble-free trading.

Ease of use

The user-friendly service offering fast and accurate solution of all problems faced by a customer makes its easy and convenient to deal with JSC Finam.


JSC Finamís vast expertise in providing DMA services and a unique system of margin trading, which helps accurately calculate required security in post-trade control mode, allows customers to save funds required for trading and gain market leverage against customers serviced by other brokers.


We are flexible when it comes to commission fees because we serve every customer on an individual basis. There are no two identical customers or two identical forms of business. Why should commission fees be equal in this case? We are ready to offer you the best terms ever.

How to connect:

DMA protocols:

Protocol Trading Venue / Trading System
FIX (Financial Information exchange) Universal protocol to place orders on any of the above markets. Various versions and dialects of this protocolare possible when accessing various platforms
FIX Adapted for Streaming (FAST), (multicast and RTS) Universal protocol to obtain market data from all the above markets
Proprietary protocol of the universal double-headed bridge MICEX Bridge (TEAP) To make trades and obtain market data from trading clearing system ASTS of the Moscow Exchange (stock and currency markets)
Proprietary protocol of the PLAZA II bridge To execute trades and obtain market data from trading clearing system SPECTRA of the Moscow Exchange (Derivatives Market)
Binary protocol TWIME Binary protocol for trades executed in trading clearing system SPECTRA of the Moscow Exchange (Derivatives Market)

In any of the above ways of direct market access customers may trade partly using their own money and borrowed funds (margin loan). When providing margin loans we apply post-trade technologies when monitoring and maintaining security records on the various trading platforms within a single money position.

Network services


ConnectME is a fully customized solution designed as a direct point-to-point connection with individual parameters between the client facility and the Exchange infrastructure.

This simple yet fully configurable solution makes it possible to create your connectivity in accordance with your specific system requirements.

The solution provides a safe and fail-tolerant route fully monitored and managed by the Exchange professionals.

  • Single point of entry to all Moscow Exchange markets
  • Point-to-point connection through a wide range of network operators *
  • Flexibly configurable and low latency optimized solution to meet specific client requirements
  • Support of copper or fiber channels
  • Redundant and secure connection managed by the Exchange


JSC Finam does its utmost so that customers can be as efficient as possible. We offer advanced solutions to place client equipment in the collocation area of the Moscow Exchange for hft latency-sensitive customers.

  • The ability to set up any kind of equipment, ranging from one server to several server racks.
  • Fast access to markets (10 Gbps channels for the trading system of the Moscow Exchange).
  • Access to markets using all existing protocols (FIX/FAST, Plaza II, Micex Bridge), accelerated frequency of market data distribution, a full order book and other services.

Access over the Internet

—onnectivity solution which allows for connecting client front end systems to the Exchange infrastructure over the Internet.

Key features include:

  • Native access protocol (API)
  • Inexpensive connectivity
  • No specific hardware or software support is required

Supported markets: Equities, FX, Treasuries and Derivatives.

Supported protocols: Native API (Internet Bridge or PlazaII/cGate).

Point of Presence

Finam offers its customers network connectivity from top financial centers across the globe including London, Chicago, New York, Frankfurt and others through its global infrastructure.

Access to MOEX markets

  • FIX order routing and sponsored access, where allowed by the local regulator
  • UDP multicast market data
  • UDP multicast market data Testing and certification


  • Globally competitive door-to-door latency
  • 9 global points of presence
  • Resilient infrastructure


  • Presence in top global financial centers
  • Service available to all MOEX Trading members, their clients, telecom providers, market data and OMS vendors