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Broker Services

A strong footprint on the global brokerage service market allows the company to offer investors unique opportunities on par with international quality standards. Finam brokerage services include direct access to all Russian markets, as well as to stock exchanges in the US, Europe and Asia. JSC Finam provides its clients with top-notch research reports, high-tech services, customer support and high-end trading platforms.

Asset Management

Finam Group offers a wide range of asset management services for individual and corporate clients, including brokerage services, asset management, consulting services and exclusive banking software products with capital protection, unique investment solutions, security portfolios in multiple currencies and trading solutions on foreign markets. As part of its asset management service, the company provides its clients with both hot investment tips as well as individual strategies designed in accordance with personal preferences of investors, expected timing, acceptable risk and other conditions. Comon.ru, Russia's largest deal replication facility, enables Finamís clients to hone in on the strategies of the best traders of the Russian market. Transactions of professional traders are automatically replicated on an investor's account.


Finam Bank offers a broad range of services that include not only standard banking options, but also products designed for investment activities. Finam Bank has integrated services and ideas devised by the investment holding, management company and bank to create a unique product, which sets it apart from other banks. Finam Bank was declared the winner of the Financial Elite of Russia award and is one of the largest banks of Russia.

The bankís corporate clients have access to products involving structured financing of state contracts, i.e. contracts that are funded via the federal, regional or municipal budget. Moreover, businesses can take advantage of multiple lending services, including financial security for public tender applications, loans for business development and various types of deposits.

On top of that, Finam Bank provides a host of classic banking services: - a client can quickly open an account, securely wire funds from his/her account to another bank or sell foreign currency at an advantageous rate, work with an extensive list of credit instruments under favorable conditions.